There's been a surge of importance in research and development and quality control in a wide range of chemical-related applications.

Whether you require a standardized system in accordance with international standard such as ISO and ASTM or a customized solution, we can offer you the experience and technological know-how to address your most demanding applications, in collaboration with Shimadzu and our other global partners. 

Our laboratory solutions for petrochemicals and chemicals industry cover a variety of applications including bio fuels, dye, pigment, paint, ink, printing, industrial gas, paper, pulp, petroleum refinery, plating, petrochemical, polymer, rubber, resin, plastics, packaging, processed metal products and textile chemicals.

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Determination of Chemical Compounds with Perfluor Group (PFOSs) in Textile, Leather and Paper Materials by LCMSMS System


Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) compounds are known as Perflor grouped chemicals (PFCs).

PFOS is widely used as a protective coating of materials used in the carpet, textile and leather industries. It is also used in various household and industrial cleaning products. PFOA is mainly used as a fluoropolymer in the electronics, textile industry and non-stick cookware production. PFC compounds are stable, heat insensitive and surfactants that reject water and oily compounds. PFOS and PFOA compounds and their derivatives may spread to the environment. PFC compounds are carcinogenic (liver, thyroid, testis, pancreas, breast). Power-aware liver and thyroid effects may lead to death, delayed growth and maturation for child development, behavioral disorders due to unrecognized behavior, and consequent effects on birth, as well as birth defects.