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GPC Gel Permission Chromatography (GPC)

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is essential in polymer chemistry for measuring the distribution of molecular weights. The fundamental requirement of each generation's GPC system remains the same – to allow anyone to easily obtain the intended data.

Now, in response to users’ increasing demands for a new style of GPC, one that assures the reliability of measurement results, Shimadzu has introduced the Prominence GPC system, designed specifically to provide superior data reliability and ease of use.

GPC systems measure molecular weight distribution by correlating the molecular weights of compounds eluted between the exclusion limit and permeation limit as an exponential function of elution times. As a result, even small elution time errors can lead to large variations in measurement results. To solve this problem, Shimadzu’s Prominence GPC system utilizes high speed micro-plunger actuation and automatic pulse compensation to provide pulse-free solvent delivery and improve elution time repeatability.
Differential refractive index detectors used in GPC can occasionally react to changes in mobile phase temperature or to the quantity of dissolved air, resulting in baseline instability. However, the Prominence GPC system’s RID-20A detector suppresses baseline drift by locating the optical system inside a double temperature-controlled housing and controlling inflowing mobile phase temperature in two stages. Furthermore, the use of a high-efficiency degasser with a capacity of only 380 µL significantly reduces the time required for the system to stabilize.
This system includes specialized GPC software for data analysis. GPC calibration curves are created easily from a wide variety of approximation formulae for calibration curves. Also, seamless integration with the visually oriented LCsolution Workstation software allows data analysis and report generation using the same operations as ordinary HPLC analysis.

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