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himac CR22N Series High Speed and High Capacity Centrifuge

High-speed refrigerated centrifuges are a powerful device for separating particles at half-micron and nano-size.

  • Ability to work in high volumes
  • Touch sensitive LCD display and user lockout function
  • Ability to record work automatically
  • Ability to get registered work with USB memory
  • Printer connection for GMP format (Optional)

  • The development of stable suspensions and emulsions,
  • Analysis of the stability of storage solutions,
  • The development of the method of adjusting the liquid dispersion,
  • Selecting the optimum amount of diluent or additive,
  • Quality and productivity studies in production process,
  • Model CR22N (CE Model) CR22N (Non-CE model)
    Maximum Speed 22,000 rpm
    Maximum RCF 55,200 Xg (R22A4)
    Maximum Capacity 1,500ml x 4 bottles (R9A2)
    Speed Control Range from 300 to 22,000 rpm
    Temperature Control Range from -20 to +40 °C
    ACL/DCL Modu ACL : 9 mod, DCL : 9 mod
    Program Function 30 program ( RCF ile) / g • sec fonksiyon
    User Unit İndüksiyon Motor (Inverter)
    Cooler Closed Inverter Rotary Tip (Soğutucu  : R410A)
    Security Door lock system, double overspeed detector, balance detector, temperature detector
    Variable deceleration slope Yes
    (In addition to DCL mode, you can make free swing selection at deceleration.)
    User Lock Function Yes
    Data Transfer USB port
    Operating Log Management LAN port :Factory default on-site modification
    PC ve opsiyonel "himac LogManager Ver.4.0 for Windows® (Network Edition)" ( GMP/GLP için)
    Screen 5.7 inch color touch-sensitive LCD panel
    Keys Pop-up keyboard and icons
    Sound Maksimum 64dB(A)
    Economy Mode Yes
    Continuous Flow Rotor Yes N/A
    Standard CE N/A
    (1) EMC Directive EN61326-1
    (2) LVD and MD ** EN61010-1, EN61010-2-020
    Measured 700 (W) x 760* (D) x 915 (H) mm
    Weight 260 kg
    Power Tekli Faz, AC200/208/220/230/240V +/-10%, 50/60Hz, 30A


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