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LCMS-8060 Liquid Chromatograph Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS)

The LCMS-8060 is the latest ultimate model in the UFMS series of triple quadrupole mass spectrometer systems, which feature Shimadzu’s patented UF Technologies that achieve both the highest sensitivity and highest speed levels in the world.

Highest sensitivity featuring UF-Qarray technology.

  • Fastest speed
  • Fusion of sensitivity and speed, revolutionary new applications such as
  • Ultra sensitive peptide analysis and lipid profiling
  • Ultra sensitive detection in bioanalysis
  • Lipid mediator profiling

The LCMS-8060 is a ground breaking innovation in mass spectrometry helping to transform LC/MS/MS data quality by developing a new vision of sensitivity and speed.

​​​​​Shimadzu is the first mass spectrometry company in the world to deliver a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with the highest sensitivity and ultra-fast technologies to create an innovation that really matters.

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and more - Shimadzu Journal Vol. 3

    • Insights from our customer Professor Alexander Arnold from the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • The collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, Japan for development of pharmaceutical products using Imaging Mass Spectrometry: iMScope TRIO
    • Metabolic Studies of Drug Candidates for Neurological Disorders and Asthma Based on GABAA Receptor Subtype Selective Ligands using Mass Spectrometry
    • Utility of High-resolution MALDI imaging in Drug Discovery: Histological Distribution of Gentamicin in Proximal Renal Tubules of Rats
    • And many more ...

  • Ultra-Sensitive and Rapid Assay of Neonicotinoids, Fipronil and Some Metabolites in Honey by UHPLC-MS/MS [LCMS-8060]

    Fipronil, a pesticide, has been banned by European Food Security Authoritiy (EFSA) for maize seed treatment due to its high risk for honeybee health. In order to better understand the effect of these compounds on bees and their contamination in pollen and honey, a highly sensitive assay method was necessary. A method was set up using LCMSMS.

    Instrument: Shimadzu Nexera X2 with LCMS-8060 (LCMSMS)


  • Quantitation of monoclonal antibody infliximab in human plasma by LC-MS/MS using Fab-selective limited proteolysis nSMOL technology

    Infliximab, known commercially as Remicade, is a chimeric IgG1 kappa monoclonal antibody (mAb) that targets tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF).
    In studies conducted, a significant number of patients (30-40%) who did not respond to anti-TNF treatment were identified.

    Instrument: LCMS-8060 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS)

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