Synergy™ LX Multi-Mode Reader

Synergy ™ LX offers a wide touchscreen user interface and beside solutions for embedded software, microplate and micro volume analysis. High-quality optical design allows for the ability to work in absorbance,
fluorescence and luminescence modes and perform many tests such as nucleic acid and protein measurement, ELISA, BCA, Bradford and cell viability.

Synergy ™ LX is among the top readers of BioTek with instant data imaging, USB flash drive output, printer and Gen5 ™ Software.

Typical Applications:

• Fluorescence ELISA
• Nucleic Acid Quantification (A260 and fluorescence-based)
• Nucleic Acid Purity Assessment (A260/A280)
• Gene expression (luminescence and fluorescence)
• Cell Viability Assays (absorbance MTT, luminescence ATP, various fluorescence-based)
• Protein Quantification

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