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Tracera (GC-BID)

The new Tracera GC System is now ready to solve your trace analysis needs. This system utilizes the new Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector technology coupled with a GC-2010 Plus capillary gas chromatograph to create a GC system that makes it possible to reveal trace components that are difficult to see by other GC detectors.

  • Trace compound analysis using plasma based BID (Barrier Discharhe Ionization detector) technology 
  • Detection Sensitivity over 100x Higher than TCD, 2x Higher than FID
  • 1 pg C/sec detection limit
Application examples using BID:
  • Analysis of Reaction Products in Artificial Photosynthesis Research
  • Analysis of Impurities in Ethylene
  • Analysis of Lithium Ion Battery Gas

Plasma Technology for Universal Trace Analysis

The barrier discharge ionization detector (BID) is a highly sensitive device that creates ionization from a Helium-based, dielectric barrier discharge plasma. A 17.7eV plasma is generated by applying a high voltage to a quartz dielectric chamber, in the presence of helium at a relatively low temperature.

Compounds that elute from the GC column are ionized by this He plasma energy and then detected by the collection electrode and processed as peaks.

The BID was developed thru collaborative research with Dr. Katsuhisa Kitano, Center for Atomic and Molecular Technologies, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, resulting in 3 U.S. patents and 4 patents pending.

Comparison of Detectable Compounds

  Detector Type

  Detectable Compounds

Barrier discharge ionization detector (BID)

All, except He and Ne

Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

All, except carrier gas

Flame ionization detector (FID)

Organic compounds, except formaldehyde and formic acid


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    Food Safety and Environmental Analysis: This issue focuses on food safety and environmental analysis, and contains information on two collaborations including an interview with Professor Mondello, working on Comprehensive GC x GC / LC technology and a technical note on multi-residue analysis of pesticides in food, a collaborative work with the Food and Environment Research Agency, UK. As well as the latest news and applications.

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