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Gas Chromatography Troubleshooting Tips

Example: GC Troubleshooting Steps

An analyst observed that no peaks appeared during a GC-FID analysis. The flowchart below shows a logical progression of steps that can be used to identify the cause and correct the problem.

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Symptoms and Solutions

Good chromatography is critical to obtaining accurate, reproducible results. Coelutions, asymmetric peaks, baseline noise, and other other issues are common challenges in the GC laboratory. These analytical problems and others can be overcome by troubleshooting your seperations using the tips below.

Poor Resolution

Poor Retention Time Reproducibility


Fronting / Tailing Peaks

Split Peaks

Carryover / Ghost Peaks

High Bleed

Unstable Baseline (Spiking, Noise, Drift)

Response Variation

No Peaks

Broad Peaks