There's been a surge of importance in research and development and quality control in a wide range of chemical-related applications.

Whether you require a standardized system in accordance with international standard such as ISO and ASTM or a customized solution, we can offer you the experience and technological know-how to address your most demanding applications, in collaboration with Shimadzu and our other global partners. 

Our laboratory solutions for petrochemicals and chemicals industry cover a variety of applications including bio fuels, dye, pigment, paint, ink, printing, industrial gas, paper, pulp, petroleum refinery, plating, petrochemical, polymer, rubber, resin, plastics, packaging, processed metal products and textile chemicals.

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Plastics, polymer, rubber




Dye, inks


Petrol and fossil fuels




Silane Binder Analysis in Rubber and Rubbers by HPLC

At the time of production, it is calculated over the peak areas of three silane binders, and according to the following calculation, if the ratio of S2 to S2, S3 and S4 is above 80%, the production is successful. The total amount of sulfur is also calculated.