Non-organic materials such as metals, ceramics, glasses and carbon nanotubes are widely used not only for our daily lives but also the field of cutting-edge technology.

We offer a wide range of instruments and solutions to support the evaluation and the quality control of such a variety of materials together with Shimadzu and our other global partners. Among our application areas are, evolved gas analysis in carbon nanotubes, mesaurement of anti reflective coating on eyeglass lenses and analysis of non organic components in fly ash.

| Ceramics / Metals / Mining Application Areas |


Evolved gas analysis in carbon nanotubes


Measurement of anti reflective coating on eyeglass lenses


Non organic components in fly ash


Mining, rocks, concentrate, metals analysis


Galvanize products


Occupational Safety

  • Material Science and more - Shimadzu Journal Cilt 2, Sayı 3

    Material Science and more...

    • Insights from a customer: Prof. Dr. Frank Walther, TU Dortmund, Germany 
    • New Material: Influence of Deformation Speed and Humidity on Quasistatic Deformation Behavior of Vulcanized Fiber – Experiments with Different Load and Climate Profiles
    • New Technology: Adoption of a 10 MN Fatigue Testing Machine to Expand the Evaluation Ability of Composite Materials for Aerospace Structure

  • High Speed X-Ray Diffraction Analysis with Asbestos (Chrysotile) Wide Range OneSight Detector

    Asbestos is a preferred construction material due to its excellent heat and acid resistance. However, the use of asbestos is gradually limited due to adverse health effects. It is mandatory to follow the asbestos concentration in any construction material according to the limit values specified in the regulations.

    In this study, an example of asynchronous analysis of the chrysotile, an asbestos type, is performed using the new wide-range high-speed OneSight detector.

    Instrument: Shimadzu XRD-6100/7000

  • Determination of Elements in Quartzite Specimens with EDX

    In this study, Energy Distribution X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (EDX) system with Quartzite Specimen Determination of the application is given.

    Instrument: Shimadzu EDX-720 Energy Distributed X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer