qPCR Assay and Array Products
1. Predesigned TaqMan Assays 

Applied Biosystems TaqMan predesigned assays contain everything you need: TaqMan probe and PCR primer sets formulated to work right out of the box. No additional design, optimization, or melt curve analysis needed. Cited in more than 40K publications to date, TaqMan Assays deliver the specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility your research deserves—not to mention they’re backed by our TaqMan Assay performance guarantee.

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays (2.8 million assays – 32 species)
Copy Number Variation Assays (1.8 million assays)
SNP Genotyping Assays (17 million assays)
MicroRNA Assays (30K assays)
Mutation Detection Assays (900 assays)
1.1. TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
(2.8 million assays – 32 species)
  • Gold-standard specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility
  • Don't waste precious time optimizing your SYBR primers—get results faster with proven TaqMan qPCR chemistry
  • Designed to detect virtually any gene transcript, with more than 2.8 million predesigned assays
  • Best-coverage assays available to detect the highest number of transcript variants possible
  • Available for over 30 species and some microbial pathogens
  • Flexible formats: single tubes, 96-well plates, 384-well plates, 384-well array cards, and OpenArray plates
1.2. Copy Number Variation Assays
(1.8 million assays)
Applied Biosystems TaqMan Copy Number Assays employ TaqMan MGB probe chemistry to evaluate the copy number of genomic DNA targets using Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instruments and software. Together, the assays and the instrumentation can be used to obtain specific, reproducible, and easy-to-interpret copy number results. In addition, this method is fast and simple, and can be completed in hours rather than days, like traditional methods for analyzing copy number. The TaqMan Copy Number Assay workflow can be automated so that several hundred to thousands of samples can be processed in a single day. As the simplest method available to study copy number variation, TaqMan Copy Number Assays feature easy assay ordering and a simple workflow to enable quick results.
1.3. SNP Genotyping Assays
(17 million assays)
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are a common source of genetic variation within genomic DNA and typically confer a single nucleotide difference within a specific gene locus, resulting in two alleles of the gene. SNPs within the coding or regulatory regions of a gene can affect function, or more commonly serve as biological markers for the inheritance of specific loci.
  • Applied Biosystems TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays help you detect and distinguish SNPs accurately and efficiently, so you can better understand their associations and roles in gene function and disease.
  • Minor Groove Binder (MGB) technology enables TaqMan probes to discriminate between highly homologous allele sequences
  • Robust design pipeline with 90+ parameters for optimal primer-probe combinations
  • Functional quality testing with 20 gDNA samples for each human assay
  • Flexible formats, including single tubes; 48-, 96-, and 384-well plates; and OpenArray plates, to accommodate any throughput and number of targets and samples
  • Gold-standard chemistry backed by more than 40,000 publications and over 300 patents
1.4. MicroRNA Assays
(30K assays)
Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ MicroRNA Assays are innovative tools for miRNA research—from isolation through discovery, profiling, quantitation, validation and functional analysis. There are now even more choices for detection of mature, biologically active miRNA, designed to support a growing range of miRNA applications. The new Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays use ligation-based universal reverse transcription for a streamlined and highly sensitive workflow. The standard TaqMan MicroRNA Assays, which employ target-specific stem-loop reverse transcription primers for 3’ extended templates, continue to cover a range of species using standard TaqMan Assay–based real-time PCR.
1.5. Mutation Detection Assays
(900 assays)
TaqMan™ Mutation Detection Assays are powered by competitive allele-specific TaqMan™ PCR (castPCR™ Technology) to detect and measure somatic mutations in genes associated with cancer research. The castPCR technology is highly specific and sensitive, and can detect rare amounts of mutated DNA in a sample that contains large amounts of normal, wild-type DNA. These assays are compatible with different sample types, such as cell lines, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, and fresh frozen tissue samples.

2. Custom Primers & TaqMan Probes 
Applied Biosystems Custom Primers and TaqMan Probes are the best option for research experiments or applications that cannot be addressed with one of our predesigned TaqMan Assays. Our portfolio of fluorescent dyes and quenchers provides maximum assay design flexibility while retaining the quality, reproducibility, and gold-standard chemistry you have come to expect from TaqMan reagents.
Choose from our collection of dual-labeled TaqMan probes and unlabeled oligos for use as qPCR primers. Whether you want to simultaneously interrogate multiple targets, use your own bioinformatics to design a probe, or detect exotic targets that do not already have a predesigned assay, we offer the ideal probes to design your own assay. Our TaqMan MGB (minor groove binder), TAMRA, and QSY custom probes deliver outstanding performance and are manufactured using the same facilities and raw materials as the TaqMan Assays that are featured in over 40,000 publications.
The quality of your data is limited by the quality of the primers and probes you choose. Here's how Custom TaqMan probes set your assay up for success:
  • They are HPLC-purified to remove impurities such as unconjugated dyes or truncated probes that can increase background signal and decrease assay sensitivity
  • Primers and probes can be shipped in solution. Avoid errors during resuspension that can alter stock concentrations and markedly affect downstream experiments
  • Your choice of guaranteed yield ensures the right amount of qPCR assays for every sample size and scale
  • QSY probes offer seamless transition of existing Black Hole Quencher probe designs
  • MGB technology allows for shorter probe designs, resulting in increased target discrimination and specificity
  • TaqMan probes are ready for efficient integration into your Applied Biosystems workflow,
3. Gene Expression Array Cards and Plates 
Applied Biosystems TaqMan Arrays contain TaqMan Gene Expression Assays dried down in three array formats: 96- and 384-well TaqMan Array plates, 384-well TaqMan Array cards (microfluidic cards), and OpenArray plates. These qPCR arrays are ideal for gene expression profiling and verification applications that require the analysis of tens to thousands of targets.  Regardless of which format you choose, there is a broad selection of content options available, including inventoried (preconfigured), made-to-order flexible, custom, and specialty designed arrays.



TaqMan Array Cards & Plates  Open Array

Individual tubes or tube sets available in  XS, S, M, L

96- and 384-well plates with pre-spotted assays 384-well microfluidic cards with pre-spotted assays 3,072 through-holes with pre-spotted assays

High flexibility for low throughput studies

Supports automation for medium-to-high throughput projects Easy and convenient–no robotics needed Higher throughput for routine applications or larger projects

Available for both predesigned and custom designed assays.

Offered in a variety of content options:
  • Preconfigured panels using the most relevant TaqMan GEx Assays for your target–inventoried and ready to ship
  • Made-to-order, Flexible TaqMan panels–start with a curated list of assays, then modify to fit your requirements
Custom TaqMan Arrays–Configure from scratch using any combination of TaqMan Assay
Available in off-the-shelf, inventoried arrays as well as made-to-order with total flexibility using predesigned and/or custom assays.