Shodex™ is a specialist for high-quality polymer-based columns with long life expectancy.

Shodex™ is the brand name of our HPLC columns (high pressure liquid chromatography) for the analysis of liquid samples.  For the analysis of liquid samples we are able to offer you the whole range of separation techniques: Reversed Phase RP, HILIC, Size Exclusion chromatography SEC, Ligand Exchange LEX and Ion Chromatography IC. Especially our polymer-based columns have a very long life expectancy.

We offer profound technical support and a huge application data base. From our European headquarter in Munich we support our customers and distributors in Europe, Russia, Africa and Middle East.

Shodex™ produces columns since almost 50 years (1965 first SEC column in-house, 1974 start of Shodex business). We produce our own polymeric gels and resins. Our product portfolio covers the whole range of HPLC and IC columns, SEC standards and RI detectors. (Reversed Phase RP, HILIC, SUGAR, GPC).