Our Corporate Culture and Values

Corporate culture of ANT TEKNİK has evolved in time from the date it was founded, with the contributions of its employees values and has gained its existing definition.
Our culture is defined by our six core values: Our Family, Awareness, Innovation, Sustainable growth, Social Responsibility and Accountability.
Our values are indispensables for us that keep us a whole and that each of us adapt.

Our Family

"It is human that makes the difference."
We are creating difference as a team whose members are talented, passionate, devoted and visionary.
We believe that we will grow via sharing, and we can be more efficient and productive knowing that the true owners of our company are its employees.
Our peaceful and cheery work place, and working principles that allow a balanced private and professional life increase our motivation and dedication to our company.


We are aware of what our customers need and what we can do.
We try to create awareness for our customers to consider price-performance relationship.


We follow international progress to contribute to national research as well as product quality and process efficiency. We are proud to see the positive impact of our work to the public and environment.
We offer innovative and intelligent opportunities to our customers thanks to training and continuous development.

Sustainable Growth

We develop strategies to adapt changes. Without neglecting to focus on our main profession, we follow up our customers and the market, and we continue to grow adding new markets and products to our portfolio.
Continuing to grow with our existing and new partners, we create employment for more and more people.

Social Responsibility

We are responsible for each other, the public and the environment.
We contribute to the public and environment adapting the motto "There is something each of us can do"; we are believing in social responsibility projects and we continue to look for new ideas.


It is important for us that our customers account on us such that they see Ant Teknik not only as their service provider but also as their business partner.