• Nickel Analysis by Electrothermal AA Method in Human Whole Blood and Urine Samples with AA

    This procedure describes the method of electrothermal atomic absorption to be used to determine the amount of nickel in AA in whole blood and urine samples.

    Instrument: Shimadzu AA-7000

  • Plaque Assay

    A cell monolayer is treated with a dilution of a GFP-expressing virus. The cells are then coated with agar, which limits the virus spread to only neighboring cells.After incubation, GFP+ circles of infected cellsare counted for virus titration.

    Related Instruments: Cytation 1Cytation 5, Cytation 7Lionheart FXLionheart LX405 TS, 405 LS

  • Povidone, Formic Acid Test (USP/EP/JP)

    Povidone (polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP) is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a synthetic polymer vehicle for dispersing and suspending drugs. It additionally acts as a disintegrant and tablet binder.

    The revision to the harmonized standard for Povidone has been approved and Formic Acid in Povidone is now required to be measured.

  • Analysis of Human Blood Alcohol using GC-HS-FID

    Particularly in judicial cases, the amount of alcohol and foreign substances in the human blood should be calculated as promil. The purpose of this study is to analyze the blood alcohol level using a gas chromatograph and headspace method.

    Instrument: Shimadzu GC-2010 Plus Gas Chromatograph with Headspace Unit (GC-HS)

  • Analysis of Dye Remains by Infrared Microscopy

    In this application bulletin, examples of analysis of paint residues on board chip and automobile coatings using an infrared microscope.

    Instrument:  IRTracer-100, AIM-9000

  • Measurement of Ceramide and Sifingomyelin in Rat Liver and Human Plasma with LCMSMS

    Qualitative and quantitative analysis of Ceramide and Sifingomyelin substances in human plasma and rat liver.

    Instrument: LCMS-8040 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS)

  • Adenosine Measurement in Tissue by LCMSMS

    Measurement of Adenosine content in tissue transplantation in plastic surgery

    Instrument: LCMS-8040 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS)

  • Examination of Organ Damage with LCMSMS (with L-FABP substance)

    L-FABP protein is normally a protein involved in the intracellular transport of long-chain fatty acids in kidney proximal tubules. L-FABP has a role in confirming renal ischemic damage and nephrotoxic injury. Damage procedures can be observed at certain hours after transplantation.

    Instrument: LCMS-8040 Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMSMS)

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and more - Shimadzu Journal Vol. 3

    • Insights from our customer Professor Alexander Arnold from the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • The collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, Japan for development of pharmaceutical products using Imaging Mass Spectrometry: iMScope TRIO
    • Metabolic Studies of Drug Candidates for Neurological Disorders and Asthma Based on GABAA Receptor Subtype Selective Ligands using Mass Spectrometry
    • Utility of High-resolution MALDI imaging in Drug Discovery: Histological Distribution of Gentamicin in Proximal Renal Tubules of Rats
    • And many more ...

  • Structural Analysis of Kidney Stones with FTIR Spectrophotometer

    Structural analysis of kidney stones with FTIR spectrophotometer

    Instrument: Shimadzu IRAffinity-1s Fourier Transform Infrared Spektrofotometre

  • Forensics&Toxicology and More - Shimadzu Journal Cilt 2, Sayı 4

    Forensics/Toxicology and more...

    • Insights from a customer: Prof. Pierre Marquet, University Hospital of Limoges, France
    • Forensics: Determination of opiates, amphetamines and cocaine in whole blood, plasma and urine by UHPLC-MS/MS using QuECheRS sample preparation
    • Herbal Remedies: A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing


  • PAH Analysis in Waters for Consumption purposes by HPLC.

    PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) analysis in drinking water

    Instrument: LC-20A Prominence (HPLC)