Machinery and automotive industry requires a range of instruments for quality control purposes and the development of fuel-cell vehicles (FCV), which are widely expected to become the next generation of automobile.

We follow recent advances from Shimadzu and our other global partners to provide solutions for machinery and automotive industry for a wide range of applications including but not limited to exhaust gas analysis, quality control of automobile paints, engine oil analysis, biodiesel analysis, thermal expansion of printed circuit boards and electric components analysis.

| Machinery / Automotive Application Areas |


Exhaust gas


Quality control of automobile paint


Engine oil




Electrical components


Thermal expansion analysis of printed circuit boards

  • Analysis of Dye Remains by Infrared Microscopy

    In this application bulletin, examples of analysis of paint residues on board chip and automobile coatings using an infrared microscope.

    Instrument:  IRTracer-100, AIM-9000

  • Measurement of Engine Oil with DSC-60 and TAC-60L

    Viscosity is known as one of the methods used to classify engine oil. In this analysis, three different types of oil are measured with DSC-60 and TAC-60L with different viscosity grades and evaluated between freezing, fusion of oil and new and used oils.

    Instrument: DSC-60, TAC-60L