Thermo Fisher Scientific

With its innovative products and superior technical expertise, Thermo Fisher Scientific contributes to molecular biology, protein biology, synthetic biology, cell biology and cell analysis research and to the innovation and productivity of companies that produce biotech products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the most innovative solutions in cutting-edge technology with its Bioproduction (BPD) bioprocess, Biosciences (BID) life sciences and Laboratory Equipment (LPD) product lines.
With reagents, consumables and devices from industry-leading brands such as Thermo Scientific™, Applied Biosystems™, Invitrogen™ and Gibco™, Thermo Fisher Scientific's comprehensive product offering supports life science studies on everyday productivity, cutting-edge technology and the repeatable and consistent results a researcher will need. in his portfolio:

Life Sciences Biosciences (BID)

  • Cell, protein and molecular biology technologies (Flow cytometry, Western blot and imaging systems)
  • Cell culture medium, supplements, cell lines and reagents
  • Thermocycler systems
Bioproduction (BPD)
  • Thermo Scientific™ disposable technologies
  • Gibco™ production media and supplements
  • Thermo Scientific™ POROS™/CaptureSelect™ purification resins
  • Applied Biosystems™ analytical solutions
Laboratory Products (LPD)
  • Laboratory equipment and consumables

We offer our integrated and custom bioprocess solutions, with the assurance of Thermo Fisher Scientific, to identify technologies and services that will meet all your needs, from product development to large-scale commercial production.

If there is no solution yet, we will find it together.

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