Jeio Tech

Based on years of temperature control technical experience, our highly integrated engineering team focuses on specialty areas including electrical, mechanical, thermo-dynamics and refrigeration technology. The world-best quality and customer satisfaction are JEIO TECH’s top priority.

Our laboratory instruments

Since, 1989, JEIO TECH is offering its clients maintenance-free, user-friendly and safe operation laboratory instruments well known for their guaranteed quality.

ISO 9001:2000 / CE / UL certificates

JEIO TECH instruments meet national and international standards with qualified manufacturing circumstance.

Market Strategy

Modern & Automated Production System

Since 1989, set up all modern & automated production system for supplying highly qualified products with cost effective price and fast delivery. 
Based on newly build headquarter and main factory (Filed 23,883m2/ Building 13,499m2) in 2006, from the basic metal processing to final inspection processes are strictly under controled to try to deliver the best products for valued clients

Exceptional system

Ergonomic design system help to maintain the units easily and to be free frequent mechanical trouble. 
Qualified worldwide service team - Engineering and sales managing specialists provide tailored service always. 
We will always be a step ahead and constantly generate new ideas to offer an outstanding and complete service.

Worldwide Relationships 

We are representing as a high level of technical instrument manufacturer throughout Korea and worldwide. 
Over 40 countries - Intimate relationship with our partners and logistics providers worldwide. Periodically communicate and instruct with the latest technology and service principles. 
All our partnership groups are very qualified and enthusiastic to keep providing the best solution for your laboratory needs.