Merck is a leader in life science. We aim to solve the toughest problems in the industry by collaborating with the global scientific community.

Merck Millipore’s chromatography portfolio is based on a simple but a powerful principle: consant progress. Since the development of the first aluminium oxide for adsorption chromatography in 1904, to the sttate-of-the-art solutions of today, we have been creating superior tools and technologies to solve our customers’ challanges.

Analytical HPLC is routinely used in industry and academia for seperation, quantitation and identification of chemical or biological compounds. Merck Millipore has invested decades into product innovation to ensure the most reliable and reproducible HPLC seperations, even fort he most challenging analyses. As a result, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality HPLC columns for use in research, development and quality control, as well as in environmental, clinical and biochemical analyses. 

Thanks to their unique, patented, monolithic silica technology, our Chromolith® columns allow you to perform ultra-fast and robust seperations using standard HPLC systems. For all polar and hydrophilic compounds, the proprietary zwitterionic SeQuant® ZIC®-HILIC technology provides straightforward HPLC seperationswith high flexibility in the selection of seperation conditions. The optimally balanced selectivity of Purospher® makes it the perfect choice for reversed phase HPLC and UHPLC method development in a wide variety of labs. Merck Millipore’s well-established HPLC column brand, LiChrosorb®, LiChrospher® and SuperSpher®, continue to provide excellent results. In addition, we have developed specialty columns fort he seperation of chiral compounds, an important application in the pharmaceutical industry.