J.G. Finneran

J.G. Finneran Associates is a highly recognized, respected and independent, family-owned and operated glass and plastic manufacturer. We specialize in chromatography, biotechnology and environmental products which include glass and plastic vials, closures and accessories, our patented 96-Well Multi-Tier™ Micro Plate System and accessories, VOA/EPA vials, and sampling bottles and jars – pre-cleaned and pre-cleaned/certified.

Our manufacturing operations located in Vineland, NJ, USA, combine the most modern and highly automated equipment with our own custom designed machinery to handle volume production while maintaining product integrity and the highest quality products in the industry. Made in the USA, our products deliver reliable performance while expediting and simplifying the analysis process.

J.G. Finneran Associates is the original inventor and designer of many products that are commonplace in the laboratory today. These items include Snap Ring Vials, Snap Top Caps, and Limited Volume Inserts with Polymer Bottom Springs. We have been in business for over 34 years and will continue to provide our customers with the tools that can expand their capabilities, increase efficiency in the lab, reduce costs and make their work easier. 

Website: http://www.jgfinneran.com/