Shimadzu Corporation

AIM-9000 Infrared (IR) Microscope

A wide view on micro sample analysis

  • Wide view camera
  • Automatic contaminant recognition
  • Automatic qualitative analysis
  • High sensitivity
  • Contaminant Analysis
  • Surface Analysis
  • Micro Analysis

A wide view on micro sample analysis...

  • Easy sample loading facilities. Quick determine the measurement position
  • Using optional wide wiev camera achieved 330x for observing extremely small areas as small as 30x40µm
  • The analyst simply clicks one button and the software automatically recognizes the contaminant.
  • The AIM-9000 achieves 30.000:1 signal-to-noise ratios, the best in its class
  • The AIM-9000 offers a wide range of applications with a variety of accessories (Electrical and electronic, Pharmaceutical and life, petroleum and chmeical)

3 steps for a wide view in micro-sample analyzes:

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  • Analysis of Dye Remains by Infrared Microscopy

    In this application bulletin, examples of analysis of paint residues on board chip and automobile coatings using an infrared microscope.

    Instrument:  IRTracer-100, AIM-9000

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