Rudolph Research

Autopol V Plus Series Digital Polarimeter for Advanced Pharma Applications

Rudolph's Autopol series is ideal to determine the optical rotation and the concentration of the sample easily and accurately. Patented TEMPTROL temperature control at the desired temperature offers the opportunity to work with internal samples. According to the needs of the users and the wavelength dimensions can easily be adapted to different configurations of the measurement cell.

The Main Sectors

  • Universities, Research Laboratories
  • Food industry (the determination of the sugar content)
  • Chemical industry (Concentration amount (derisiklig) in the determination of)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Antibiotics, vitamins, and glucose analysis)
  • Cosmetics industry (Essential oil analysis)
  • The oil industry (mineral oil analysis)
  • Agriculture Industry (determination of starch)

Autopol V Plus

  • Accuracy: 0.0003°C Arc
  • 6 wavelength (365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm, 589nm, 633nm)
  • Patented temptrol temperature control system for
  • The Windows 7 operating system direct Internet access / the ability to receive the output with USB output
  • Embedded software 21cfr11
  • Together with IQ oq PQ documentation
  • 21CFR11 software

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