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Binocular, fluorescence student microscopes

The Leica DM500 / 750 microscope features “plug-and-play başlangıç for beginner biology, molecular biology and genetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and so on. is designed for students studying in disciplines.

The factory-set condenser and the EZTube ™ diopter adjustment prevent erroneous measurements and save time for practical applications.

The EZStore ™ design with integrated handle and winding cable provides ease of handling and minimizes damage to the components of the microscope.

General features

  • Suitable for training or simple routine use
  • Design and material resistant to student use
  • Integrated LED module lighting
  • High mechanical and optical quality
  • Metal gear and mold-protected glass lenses
  • Carrying handle and cable winding slot


  • Fully compact design
  • 4-way lens turret
  • 20mm field of view
  • Fixed type condenser
  • Fixed ocular option EZ tube
  • Magnification from 40x to 1000x
  • Camera can be added
  • BF, DF (TL), PH


  • Adjustable condenser with centering type
  • Fluorescent can be added
  • 4-way or 5-way lens turret
  • 25x-1000x magnification
  • Automatic shutdown
  • BF, DF, PH, FL, POL-B
  • Automatic shutdown of light and long LED lifetime thanks to EZLite ™
  • EZGuide with rounded edges for one-hand operation

EZStore™ designEZStore™ design

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Auto Off





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