Expert Series Digital Viscosimeter (with Ramping Feature)

The Expert series of viscosimeters provide easy operation with a high-precision full-touch keypad that you can select with one touch of the data. The datalogger software allows exporting data to computer in excel format. Automatically calculates the viscosity, dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa.s) or kinematic viscosity (cSt or mm2 / sec) units display results on the screen.

With the digital screen, supplies to see the values of speed, spindle, viscosity value,% torque, sample temperature, shear rate, shear stress and density to the user.

The Main Sectors

  • Chemical Industry (Polymer, polyurethane based samples, etc.)
  • Paint Industry (paint, ceramic mud) and Printing Industry (ink)
  • Cosmetic Industry (Cream, lotion, shampoo, detergent, nail polish etc.)
  • Food Industry (Milk, ayran, yoghurt, chocolate, tomato paste, yeast etc.)
  • Petrochemical Industry (Mineral oil and derivatives, asphalt etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry (in the quality control tests of suspensions and emulsions)
  • Textile Industry (Glue, paint paste, rubber, finishing etc.)

Touch Keyboard

Comfortable and easy to use with the latest technology (12 keypad)

Language options

English / French / German / Catalan / Spanish / Italian / Japan / Polish Language / Dutch / Portuguese


Program Features

  • "Time to torque" "Time to stop"
  • 10 program memory
  • Customizable (54 speed options)
  • Programmable: Multistep / Ramp
  • Unit converter (IS or CGS)

Viscosity Reading

  • Absolute viscosity (cP or mPa · s)
  • Visible viscosity (cP or mPa · s)
  • Kinematic viscosity (cSt, mm2 / sec)
  • Densite (User definable)


It provides control of the internal functions to make the test unit ready for use.

Universal adapter

All accessories are compatible with Brookfield.

Graphic Feature

Graphic feature that displays wide range of graphs

Memory (10 operations)

Ability to continue with choosing registered program


A computer with a USB input-speed data transfer

Display Screen

  • Speed Selection
  • Spindle Selection
  • Viscosity Reading (CP or mPa·s or cSt)
  • Measurement The Percentage (%)
  • Sample temperature (optional, ºC or ºF)
  • “Shear rate” (spindle coaxial with) (S-1)
  • “Shear stress” (with coaxial spindle) (N / m2)
  • Density (user definable) (g / cm3)


(Includes software) 
USB, in Excel format, which allows for a better transfer.

Other Features

  • Unit converter SI / CGS. 
  • AUTO-test function visual and audible alarm in case of disorder 
  • AUTO-RANGE function 
  • User-specific settings


AISI 316 stainless steel spindle, changing the speed and the viscosity number and letter according to the indicators thanks to it allows easy identification
Kod Model Measurement Range  (cP) Speed (r.p.m) Spindle Numbers
V300003 EXPERT L *1 - 6.000.000 0.01 - 200 54
V300002 EXPERT R 100 - 40.000.000 0.01 - 200 54
V300001 EXPERT H 200 - 106.000.000 0.01 - 200 54

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