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HIC-NS/SP Ion Chromatography System (Suppressor/Non-Suppressor)

There are no limitations on mobile-phase conditions, such as types of competing ions and pH values. Selection and adjustment can be performed in accordance with the sample and target components. The degree of freedom offered by non-suppressor method enables various types of ion analysis. Another advantage is that there is no external column peak broadening.

Also combining with the latest type of auto-suppressor enhances the performance of the ion chromatograph even further, enabling ultrahighsensitivity ion analysis with, for example, a detection limit (S/N=3) of 0.25 μg/L for chlorine anions.
A column-type suppressor cartridge is used. Electrochemical regeneration is performed automatically with every analysis so that a chemical regenerant is not required. This simplicity ensures superior performance and minimal maintenance.
With the CDD-10AVP/10ASP conductivity detector, which monitors faint electrical signals, we have taken steps to reduce noise with the design layout of each par t and using electronic components with low noise specifications. As a result, noise and drift inherent to any system have been significantly reduced.
The CDD-10ASP is equipped with a suppressor control board. This makes it possible to control suppressors via the system controller. The suppressor function can be stopped as required, enabling selective operation as either a suppressor system for analyzing anions or a non-suppressor system for analyzing cations.

  • Determination of Ion in Explosives with Dual IC

    Simultaneous Determination of Anions and Cations in Explosives

    Instrument: Shimadzu Dual Ion Chromatography

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