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MS-MH Series Hotplate Stirrers

Simultaneous independent stirring is available at max. 15 points with stable heating.

  • User-friendly operation and time setting modes allowing various ways of multi-position stirring to meet users’ demands: -single point, multiple point, whole row, whole column, etc.
  • Easy-to-read VFD and intuitive control panel.
  • High heat transfer aluminum top-plate.
  • Unit is safely designed to protect internal components from
  • accidental spills.Non-slip silicon plate mat is attached on the top plate to prevent unintended slips

Model MS-33MH MS-53MH
Heating Temperature range (℃ / ℉) Max. 120 / 248
Control Scale
Heating power (W) 600 1000
Stirring Speed range (rpm) 30 to 2,000
Control Feedback control with PID
Stirring position 9 15
Stirring point distance (WxD, mm / inch) 117x90 / 4.61x3.54
Timer 1min. to 99 hr. 59 min.
Motor BLDC motor
Motor rating input / output (W)per each point 2.9/1.6
Magnetic bar, Max. (ØxL, mm / inch) 8x30 / 0.31x1.18
Safety Over temp. Top plate
Over current Current limit protection
Load, Max (kg / Ibs) 30 / 66.14
Top plate Material Aluminum
Dimension (WxD) (mm / inch) 385x328 / 15.16x12.91 385x493 / 15.16x19.41
Body Material Powder coated steel
Dimension (WxDxH) (mm / inch) 395x450x104 / 15.55x17.72x4.09 395x614x104 / 15.55x24.17x4.09
Net weight (kg / Ibs) 10 / 22.05 15 / 33.06
Electrical requirements (230V, 50/60Hz) 4.1 A 5.8 A
Cat. No. AAHK34015K AAHK34025K
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz) 8.0 A 11.2 A
Cat. No. AAHK34013U AAHK34023U

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