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Nitrogen Generators Precision-N2 Series Genius-N2 Series Infinity-N2 Series

Combining ease of use and safety in a single lab gas generator, Peak Scientific gas generators are designed to meet your GC detector and carrier gas needs and meet your hydrogen, nitrogen or dry air needs at the touch of a button.

  • Flexible design that will consistently produce desired gas types (hydrogen, nitrogen and dry air) at appropriate purity and flow rates, and combine modules in a single unit
  • Complete gas solution for carrier, make up, reference, sample preparation and detector gases
  • Compact and superimposable design that saves space in the laboratory
  • A safer and more practical method than pressurized tubes, dewares or storage
  • Minimum service / maintenance requirement, specific periodic maintenance plans for more efficient use


Please contact our sales representatives to learn more about how Precision can contribute to Gas Chromatography applications, including the method conversion from Helium to Hydrogen as carrier gas.

Combine Precision Hydrogen, Nitrogen or Dry Air modules to meet your specific GC gas needs.



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