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Quartz and Glass Bathtubs Spectrophotometer Cells

Hellma Analytics, which manufactures cuvettes and optical components for analytical laboratory devices, includes chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, health, environment, etc. in its product portfolio. spectroscopy products are available to meet the needs for analysis.

Hellma product portfolio includes optical glass, special optical glass, quartz and so on. There are bathtubs in different materials, specifications and sizes. In order to obtain accurate spectrophotometric measurements, cuvette selection should be made according to the wavelength range and sample characteristics to be measured.

Hellma spectrophotometer cuvettes product portfolio includes macro, semi-micro, micro, ultra micro, magnetic stirrers, cuvettes for anaerobic applications and so on. options.

When ordering a bathtub

  • Material of the bathtub (optical glass, special optical glass, quartz),
  • Light path,
  • Center height,
  • Sample volume,
  • And, if available, make sure that you choose the one that suits your specific requirements, such as polarimetric certification.

Macro Bathtubs (with PTFE cover or stopper)

Semi-Micro Bathtubs (with PTFE lid or stopper)

Micro Cuvettes (with PTFE cover or stopper)

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