Silicon Standard Oils Viscosimeter Accessories

Easy rotational viscometer calibration standard model offers all of the Silicon oils.

This calibration of the oil viscosity values in 2 different temperatures (20 and 25ºC) and the value calculated according to the calibration certificate for each oil are arranged.

Technicial Specifications

  • BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards according to
  • 600 ml volume plastic packaging


Catalog Number Standard Viscosity Approximate Viscosity (25ºC) Pa·s
V12Z10 RT5 4.972
V12Z14 RT10 9.972
V12Z18 RT50 50.33
V12Z20 RT75 76.33
V12Z22 RT100 101.66
V12Z23 RT250 244.1
V12Z24 RT350 344.1
V12Z26 RT500 501.9
V12Z30 RT1000 1,019
V12Z34 RT5000 5,094
V12Z36   RT10000 10,061
V12Z38 RT12500 12,309
V12Z42 RT30000 30,240
V12Z46 RT60000 60,586
V12Z50 RT100000 99,565

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