Small Sample Adapter Viscosimeter Accessories

Highly accurate viscosity measurements with minimum sample quantity and cylindrical spindle ‘s with the shear rate(shear rate) and shear stress(shear stress) to be determined. Jacket (APM - temperature controlled) and sleeves (APM/B) two different models of TVs.

Technicial Specifications

  • Stainless steel sample chamber, comfortable, removable and cleaning.
  • With the system in an external water bath jacket with the help of the sample temperature between -10 and +100ºC, it is possible to adjust between.
  • Sample volume: 8 – 13 ml (volume used varies according to the spindle)
  • Determination of the temperature of the sample with a probe PT100 (optional)
 The viscometer model Viscosity Range (APM and APM/B)
L 2 - 200,000 cP
R 38 - 3,300,000 cP
H 3 – 266,000 Poise

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