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SPM-9700HT Atomic Force Microscope / SPM - Scanning Probe Microscope

The Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is an instrument that can visualize the sample surface in great detail by positioning a very small lever (cantilever) close to a sample surface and measuring the detected force (atomic force) between the cantilever and sample surface. Metals, semi-conductors, ceramics, organic matter, high molecular weight polymers, as well as biological samples can be visualized without initial coating, with surface features displayed at magnifications up to millions fold.

Due to the new deveopled HT scanner that achieves a high-speed response and optimizing softwares and the design of control system, aquisition of the image data is now available at a speed of conventional than 5 times or more(our ratio). A generous selection of measurement modes and excellent expandability helps ensure reliable measurements, regardless of the properties that a wide variety of samples may have, such as hardness or electrical conductivity. SPM-9700HT is a highly easy-to-use system with its software.  Featuring a patented head-slide mechanism the standard-type head can accept samples up to a diameter of 24mm x 8mm by simply placing the sample on the head .

  • Observation Modes : Contact, Dynamic, Phase, Lateral Force (LFM), Force Modulation Magnetic (Standard), Force (MFM), Current, Surface Potential (KFM) (Optional)
  • High-Throughput Scanner Shortens Observation Times
  • Head-Slide Mechanism
  • WET-SPM Environment Controlled Scanning Probe Microscope (Optional)

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