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UV-2600/2700 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The compact UV-2600/2700 is a universal, research-grade double beam spectrophotometers that can be used in a wide range of fields, and easily expanded to suit the measurement objective.

By using the optional integrating sphere, the measurement wavelength range of the UV-2600 can be extended to the near-infrared region of 1400 nm. The UV-2700 is capable of 8-Abs measurements, and optimal for measuring low transmittance samples.

Validation software is provided as standard for both instruments, so equipment performance can be easily checked in daily inspections and when data accuracy becomes a concern.

UV-2600 Enables Near Infrared Surements

By installing the ISR-2600Plus two-detector integrating sphere, the 300 nm to 1100 nm wavelength range of conventional models can be extended to 1400 nm.
As a result, the UV-2600 can accommodate measurements of solar cell anti-reflective films and polycrystalline silicon wafers.

UV-2700 Offers Double Monochromator

Shimadzu's proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh diffraction grating enables the high precision of the UV-2700. In the diffraction grating production process, new proprietary manufacturing methods have been developed for Shimadzu's holographic technology. By optimizing the etching process, we have successfully manufactured extremely low stray light diffraction gratings while maintaining high efficiency. With this newly designed optical system equipped with a double Lo-Ray-Ligh monochromator, the UV-2700 achieves unparalleled ultra-low stray light levels.

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