Jeio Tech

VDR Series Circular Vacuum Desiccator

Thanks to its high quality silicone O-ring and special design locking clips and observable vacuum feature, it ensures reliable results thanks to its non-leakage structure.

  • Maintainable pressure for at least 72 hours
  • Transparent, wear-resistant and easy to clean polycarbonate material
  • Options to use with / without vacuum indicator

Model  VDR-20/20G
Internal Volume(L / cu ft) 6 / 0.2 10 / 0.4 20 / 0.7
Measuring Range  (Mpa) 0 to -0.1
Hose Head  (mm / inch, Ø) 9.5 / 0.37
Maximum Vacuum Value (Body) 1.33×10-4 Mpa
Materiel Cover / Medium Polikarbonat
Perforated Sample Rack Polipropilen
Drying Rack
Locker Polipropilen
Vacuum seal Silikon Kauçuk
(I.D. × H)
Outside (mm / inch) Ø242×279(354)
/ Ø9.5×11(13.9)
/ Ø12.1×12.8(15.7)
 / Ø15.2×15.7(18.7)
Net weight (kg / lbs) 1.5 / 3.3 2.5 / 5.5 4.2 / 9.3
Cat. No. Transparent Body AAAD2011 AAAD2111 AAAD2211
Transparent Body  (With Vacuum Gauge) (G) AAAD2021 AAAD2121 AAAD2221
UV Resistant Amber Body (U) AAAD2031 AAAD2131 AAAD2231
UV Resistant Amber Body (with Vacuum Gauge) (G) AAAD2041 AAAD2141 AAAD224

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