J.G. Finneran

Vial,Cap and Septum (For HPLC, GC, HS, TOC)

The quality and selection of consumables used in chromatographic analyzes directly affect parameters such as analysis accuracy and reproducibility. Thus, sample vials used in chromatography are generally produced from first class hydrolytic glass or high purity Polypropylene (PP) materials.

Choosing the right septum is very important to prevent contamination and to prevent damage to device parts such as autosampler and needle. The autosampler model, chemical compatibility of the septum material with solvent and temperature resistance are the main parameters to be considered in the selection of the correct septum.

  • Transparent, amber screw and crimp vials for HPLC
  • GC Headspace vials with screw and crimp
  • Insert Vialler
  • Lid and Septums
  • TOC Vials and Cover Septums
  • Crimper and DeCapper
  • Rack for carrying vial

The consumables used in the autosampler parts of the devices manufactured by different manufacturers such as covers, vials, septum vary according to the type of autosampler.

 The auto sampler compatibility table for different brands of different brands of the same brand, such as Shimadzu, Agilent, Waters, can be used to select the vial, septum and valve to be used in the analysis.

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