Viscoball Viscosimeter

Low viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases according to the principle of the hopper (Samples , special manufacturing with the help of a ball in a certain angle and specific distance between a reference travel time) and dynamic viscosity it allows you to precisely measure your results.

The Main Sectors That Are Used

  • Mineral oil industry (Oils, liquid hydrocarbons, etc.)
  • Food industry (Sugar solutions, honey, beer, milk, gelatine, fruit juice, etc.)
  • Chemical industry (Polymer solutions, solvents, resin solutions, rubber (Latex), the solutions of the sticky substance, etc.)
  • The cosmetic and pharmaceutical Industry (raw materials, glycerine, emulsions, suspensions, solutions, extracts, etc.)
  • Oil industry (oil, machine oil, diesel, paraffin, etc.)
  • Paper industry (Emulsions, pigment dispersion, paper additives, etc.)
  • The paint and varnish industry (Printer inks, varnish, etc.)
  • Detergents (liquid washing agents, dishwashing detergents, etc.)

Thermometer, steel ball set(6 pieces) Thermometer control, cleaning supplies, calibration sheet and owner's manual with
DIN 53015 and ISO 12058 standards


Viscosity Range 0.5-105 mPas·s (cP)
Temperature Range -20ºC up to +120ºC
Repeatability 0.5% is better than
Comparability  1% is better than
Material Collects No. 1,2 and G , borosilicate glass
The balls 3 and No. 4 nickel-iron alloy
5 and 6 stainless steel balls

Measurement Range

 Ball Number Viscosity Range (mPa·s)
1 0.6 to 10
2 7 to 130
3 30 to 700
4 200 to 4,800
5 1,500 to 45,000
6 >7,500


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