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XRD-6100/7000 X-Ray Diffractometer

XRD-6100 – General-purpose X-Ray Diffractometer

XRD-6100 with high precision θ-2θ goniometer can be varied with optional items to adapt to the purpose. The Windows XP/7-supported application software ushers this compact, multi-functional, general-purpose X-ray Diffractometer . XRD-6100 offers solutions encompassing wide-ranging analysis requirements, from routine qualitative and quantitative analysis to state change analysis, including stress analysis, crystallite size/ lattice strain, & crystallinity calculation.

XRD-7000 – New Concept in Multifunctional X-Ray Diffractometry

XRD-7000 is able to handle extra-large samples as well as liquid samples with vetical theta/theta goniometer. Large samples up to 350 mm diameter and 190 mm thickness can be directly mounted on the R-θ stage.  The newly developed large R-θ stage permits automatic stress mapping of an entire sample up to 350 mm diameter. Any point on the sample can be selected for measurement. CCD camera kit permits the measurement position to be confirmed on the screen.

The strong parallel beam optical system with built-in polycapillary unit is available to further expand the range of application.

  • Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals, Ceramics
  • Chemicals and catalysts
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical treatment
  • Machinery, automobiles,
  • Criminal, Forensic
  • Environment and industrial wastes

High-precision, Vertical Goniometer

Enabling analysis of samples in various states, each instrument´s goniometer features a high-speed rate (1000°/min) and high-precision angle reproducibility (±0.001° for the XRD-6100 and ±0.0002° for the XRD-7000) for fast measurement and highly reliable data.

Safe, Easy-to-Operate Design

With a front door mounted on guide rollers, installation/exchange of samples and attachments is easy while a door lock mechanism provides a safe operating environment during operation.
The XRD-6100 minimizes space requirements with a size of just 900 mm (w) x 700 mm (d) x 1600 mm (h).

X-Ray Tubes

The XRD-6100/7000 accept various types of X-ray tubes, including the normal focus 2kW type and broad focus 2.7kW type, as well as the optional long fine focus(LFF)  2.2kW type.

High Stability X-Ray Generator

Tube voltage and tube current are stable to/within ±0.01%, and this stability is unaffected during fluctuation of source voltage or ambient temperature.

Optional Upgrades

The XRD-6100 can be equipped with a range of hardware and software upgrades including:

  • Counter Monochromator
  • Rotational Sample Stage
  • Multi-sample Stages
  • Micro Analysis Attachments
  • Thin Film Attachment
  • Fiber Sample Attachment
  • Sample Heating/Cooling Stages
  • Rietveld analysis software
  • Percent Crystallinity Software
  • Crystallite Size/Lattice Strain Software
  • ICDD PDF 2/4

  • High Speed X-Ray Diffraction Analysis with Asbestos (Chrysotile) Wide Range OneSight Detector

    Asbestos is a preferred construction material due to its excellent heat and acid resistance. However, the use of asbestos is gradually limited due to adverse health effects. It is mandatory to follow the asbestos concentration in any construction material according to the limit values specified in the regulations.

    In this study, an example of asynchronous analysis of the chrysotile, an asbestos type, is performed using the new wide-range high-speed OneSight detector.

    Instrument: Shimadzu XRD-6100/7000

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