Koki Holdings Co. Ltd.

Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells life-science instruments. As a result of continuous R&D and human resource development, we have acquired core technology leadership in ultra-high-speed motors, ultra-high precision machining and electronic control technology.

Above all, Koki Holdings Co, Ltd. seeks to reinforce the competitiveness of its present business fields and probe into new, but related fields to ensure its position as a major player of the industry.

Effective June 2018, the company name formerly known as "Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd." has been changed to "Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.". "himac" remains as the company's brand name.

Life-Science Instuments

Ultracentrifuge, High-Speed Refrigerated centrifuge, Micro centrifuge, Large-Scale continuous flow ultracentrifuge
himac was awarded the Good Design Award 2012 organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) for the following products. himac won its 23th Good Design Award.

Website: http://www.himac-science.com/