Polymer Standards Service (PSS)


  • is your personal partner for all tasks of polymer research and characterization 
  • is a DIN/EN/ISO-9001 company and has been a reliable source of high quality products and services for more than 20 years
  • is dedicating its expertise and resources to the research, analysis, quality control and method development of all kinds of macromolecules 
  • is a creative team of chemists with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the synthesis, characterization and properties of natural and synthetic polymers. We have all studied modern aspects of macromolecular behavior in various labs and have worked in different jobs in industry
  • employs latest findings in polymer and materials science
  • uses the most modern equipment to get deeper insight into macromolecular behavior

PSS is an innovative company without unwieldy bureaucracy offering

  • high quality products and services 
  • the largest variety of polymer reference materials and standards for calibration
  • competent customer support 
  • flexibility towards customers' requests 

PSS is developing, installing, and servicing complete solutions toward

  • developing new applications
  • characterizing polymers on a contract basis 
  • tailoring macromolecules as you need them 
  • tailoring gel-materials/stationary phases as you need them 
  • engineering software 
  • offering training courses

PSS customers comprise important Universities, Research Institutes and all major chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food companies in over 60 countries around the world.

PSS sales have grown at about 35% during the last 5 years.


PSS staff grows at about 20% a year.

PSS co-organizes together with Waters  the
International Symposium on GPC/SEC and Related Techniques
This Symposium brings together scientists from a broad range of academic and industrial backgrounds for presentations and workshops that address our industry’s economic, technological, environmental challenges and educational needs.
Next event: October 2015, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Website: http://www.polymer.de