Determination of Free Amino Acids in Fertilizer Specimens by HPLC

Quantitative determination of amino acids used to increase fertilizer efficiency in liquid and solid form fertilizers. The amino acids known to have a complex ionized matrix in the fertilizer samples show a wide variety of structural features from plus or minus to hydrophobic when all side chains are considered together. In addition, these side chains can be incorporated into the structure of a highly diverse range of covalent and non-covalent bonds.

In the analysis of fertilizers, 1.amino acids can be determined by using SPD-20A detector in 338 nm UV region or by RF-20A detector in 340 nm Ex - 450 nm Em with SPD-20A detector. With a 20A detector in a 262 nm UV region or with an RF-20A detector at 266 nm Ex - 305 nm Em; the RF-20A detector for increasing the height and measurability of the peaks obtained; The Nexera SIL-30AC autosampler can be used to increase the resolution between the peaks and the small surface diameter ODS column and the sensitivity of the reactions. In this study, qualitative and quantitative results will be obtained by using RF-20A detector.

Liquid-Liquid Phase Extraction method was used for sample extraction.