Cleaning Validation in Pharmaceutical Industry with TOC

In the pharmaceutical industry, efficient cleaning of equipment related to production is an important issue to ensure the quality control and safety of production facilities. The basic condition for cleaning is to avoid any residues in the production facilities and to effectively remove any residues that may occur. A clean area reduces drug contamination. Cleaning validation is a check of the presence of residues on the equipment surfaces after cleaning, within the permissible limits. The production areas outside the limit are seen as the main reason for the decrease of quality in the changes of products and equipment, ie the pollution of the drug.
Wet Chemical TOC Analyzers are the systems that are produced by targeting the pure water analysis and cleaning validation required for the pharmaceutical industry to make production in accordance with the regulations.
Shimadzu brand TOC-V WP Wet Chemical TOC Analyzer performed the cleaning validation of ECOLAB P3 Cosa Foam 40 detergent.