Logan Instruments

800S-1800 Otomatik Disolüsyon UV Sistemi

Automated Dissolution UV System is for dissolution testing required by USP. This system performs with total automation of the dissolution testing, controlled by a PC and the Logan Automated Dissolution UV software program (ADUV).

Sistem içeriğinde:
  • Logan Automated 8-Position Dissolution Tester
  • Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-Vis spectrophotometer with 8 position cell changer
  • An 8-Channel peristaltic pump to move samples from vessel to flow-cell and back to vessel
  • PC and Automated Dissolution UV Software Program

Automated Dissolution UV Systems with Shimadzu UV-1800 & 8-Cell Changer UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

In use the tablets are pre-loaded on the auto-dropping tray. The graphical display of the ADUV prompts the user to drop the samples into the vessels simultaneously. The ADUV program then takes control of the dissolution testing for the entire test run. The absorbency , % dissolved is displayed at every sampling interval. When the test is over, shaft rotation automatically stops and the complete and comprehensive dissolution reports presented.

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