Shimadzu Corporation

SALD-7500nano Nano Partikül Boyutu Analizörleri

Evaluation of the dispersion and aggregation characteristics of particles is realized with a wide measurement range and in real time.

The SALD-7500nano was developed to provide accurate and high-sensitivity measurement of low concentration or high-light absorption nano particles.

It achieves sensitivity in the nano area about ten times higher as compared to conventional instruments.

This system enables the evaluation of sub-visible particles included in biopharmaceuticals. Special options can be added to create an aggregation property evaluation system for biopharmaceuticals.

  • Wide particle concentration range from 0.1ppm to 20%.
  • Wide measurement range from  7 nm to 800 μm
  • High-Resolution / High-Sensitivity Wing Sensor ll
  • Various sample amounts (Suspension) can be selected according to measurement objects and purposes
  • Optional high-concentration sample measurement system 

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